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Jailbreak & Untethered Bypass iCloud iOS 14.4 – 14.5

iCloud Bypass AIO V2.5
iCloud Bypass AIO V2.5

Follow the steps:

1.- Jailbreak the device

2.- Use the Bypass Tool

New version fix error server 404 bypass Bypass iCloud iOS 12.5.1 – 14.5.

NOTE: Avoid iphone back to activation lock after start you can put a sim clone or sim dead to the phone, and go to Settings – Cellular – SIM PIN. If you have an iPad, go to Settings – Mobile Data – SIM PIN set PIN SIM AND Turn on your SIM PIN.

After Restart just tab Cancel (no enter PIN sim), Mean you must keep this sim in phone. ** If you no have sim, Just checked Hidden Baseband before click bypass

DOWNLOAD : https://frpfile.com/ifrpfile-all-in-one-icloud-tool/

+Full bypass GSM devices no MEID with Signal

+Turn off FMI iphone disable and passocde model 6s to X iOS 13, 14

+Remove iCloud for iPhone Active Menu with Proxy – all ipad, iPhone 5s – 12 pro max all ios version

+Cheap price!

No.1 Free iCloud Tool Bypass Activation Lock iPhone, iPad

Easy Remove iCloud, Remove Activation Lock, Find My iPhone and iPad, Directly via USB cable, Super fast and free

For passcode, disabled iphones Jailbreak you must jailbreak device with MAC, Hackintosh, Ra1nUSB use checkra1n 0.9.2 – 0.12.4  (try them all until one works)

Change Logs

  1. v1.0.7
    • Release date: 03.02.2021
    • Fix bypass hello screen ios 12.5.1 – 14.4.2
    • Fix Error 404 server down
  2. v2
    • Release date: 01.05.2021
    • Add Bypass fix nofication, icloud services facetime, imessage, siri, (no Signal, )
    • Fix bypass passcode all function working
    • Add function convert backup file (bypass passcode) from other tool
    • Fix Hidden iCloud Owner Changed Password can login new account
    • Fix Banking apps for iphone, ipad bypassed
  3.  v2.1
    • Release date: 11.05.2021
    • Fix error checkra1n 0.12.3
    • Fix server MEID (GSM not support now) bypass full nofication, icloud services facetime, imessage, siri, (no Signal, )
    • Support IOS 12 – 14.5.1
  4.  v2.2
    • Release date: 13.05.2021
    • Fix error show Serial Number bypass passcode
  5.  v2.3
    • Release date: 18.05.2021
    • Fix skip Setup
    • Fix Convert file backup
  6. v2.4
    • Release date: 23.05.2021
    • Add bypass wifi no MEID
    • Support 14.5.1 – 14.6 & 14.7
  7. v2.5
    • Release date: 12.06.2021
    • Add Apple Finder for 
Passcode/Disabled and Lost Devices
    • Bug fix bypass

This program should be only used for education and research purpose do not use on any other device unless you own them. We will not be responsible for what you do with this tool, FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. I AM NOT LIABLE AS TO WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO DO WITH THIS INFORMATION

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